Meditation on the central channel

Meditation on the central channel

Regular practice at Dudjom Tersar Barcelona

Meditation on the central channel is a very relevant practice for our spiritual evolution, because it brings us the purification of the ordinary phenomena and the thoughts coming from father and mother essence.

The central channel is also called the “Channel of Realization” and in the nature of joy it is called the “Channel of Three Kayas Joy” (Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya and Nirmanakaya).

By clearing the obstructions of the central channel, which is the main meridian of the subtle body, the mind will experience great benefits, such as clarity, serenity and understanding. Meditating on it, the channel presents itself as it is: a radiant body of light, neither tangible nor physical. Its luminous qualities enable us to see our own light.

Led by: Lopön Anna Puigdellívol