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1 Oct 2019 19:00 a 20:30
Meditación Dudjom Tersar Barcelona


Regular practice at Dudjom Tersar Barcelona

The Sanskrit and Tibetan words translated into Spanish as “meditation” are, respectively, bhavana, which means “cultivate” and gom, which means “to become familiar”. Above all, meditation is about getting acquainted with a clear and impartial view on how things are.

On the Buddhist path there are two central meditation practices: calm abiding (shamatha or shiné) and insight (vipashyana or lhagt’ong). In general, calm abiding should precede the practice of insight, because calming the mind enables us to eventually transcend the conceptual mind and reach rigpa wisdom. However, calm in itself is not sufficient. Calm-abiding produces a peaceful state of mind and provides many other advantages for the practitioner, but does not cut the root of ignorance which creates cyclic existence. For that, insight is needed. Furthermore, knowledge alone is not enough because, without calm abiding, knowledge cannot be properly focused and, therefore, it lacks the power and precision necessary to completely cut the root of cyclic existence. Therefore, a Buddhist practitioner always has to develop a state of mind in which both calm abiding and insight are present at the same time.

Led by: Lopön Pepe Aponte


1 Oct 2019
19:00 a 20:30
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Dudjom Tersar


Dudjom Tersar, centro en Barcelona
Plaza Universidad nº 1, 2º 1ª
Barcelona, 08007 España
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