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Dudjom Tersar

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Dudjom Tersar Center opened its doors in 2009 in Barcelona as the culmination of a long process that began years before with the first visit to Spain of Kyabjé Dungse Shenphen Dawa Norbu Rinpoche, in December 1988. Then, Rinpoche gave a lecture on “Death and its process” in the main auditorium of Barcelona University, and a course on “Vision, meditation and action” at the former headquarters of Samye Dzong Center. For many years, before and after that visit, Rinpoche’s students in Barcelona practiced alone or in small groups which met in private spaces.

The opening of Dudjom Tersar Center, managed by Lopön Pepe Aponte, was the culmination of that process and also a new beginning, because this physical space, available all year round, multiplied enormously the possibilities of bringing the precious Dudjom Tersar lineage to those who have karmic connection with it.

In addition to the practices, Dudjom Tersar Center is very committed with interfaith dialogue to foster peace and harmony between different traditions and to cooperate with them with the aim of improving our society. Also, the Sangha participates in conferences, symposia, meetings, etc. to give visibility to Buddhism, a fundamental element to continue advancing in the consolidation of Buddhists rights by the Spanish government.

The center offers a program of regular activities mainly focused on practice, along with specific teachings given by qualified lamas. Lopön Pepe Aponte and Lopön Anna Puigdellívol lead the regular practices of the center with the collaboration of some Sangha members.

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